Discover our land, our wines
and the rich food tradition of Oltrepò Pavese

Join us on Saturday or Sunday and live a wonderfully immersive experience that calls on all your senses. We will guide you through our vineyards on the borderline between Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna, letting you discover the wonderful vistas of the Versa Valley! Once returned to the winery, we will explain you our wine-making techniques. Finally, you will enjoy a rich tasting of our wines paired with artisan local food specialties.

Our tasting (Saturday and Sunday only) includes :
• Spumante Brut (Martinotti Method sparkling wine)
1 glass paired with pancetta and aged pork loin

• 347 Bianco M.S.L.M. – Vintage 2020 and 2019
2 glasses paired with local artisan cheese

• Bonarda frizzante (semi-sparkling) or 347 M.S.L.M. Rosso
1 glass paired with salame, coppa and salame cotto

• Wine sorbet

Price: euro 25,00 (all inclusive)

Opening hours:
• 11:00 am: meeting at the winery and walk through the vineyards;
• 12:30 pm: tasting.

Extra dishes:
warm or cold dishes always available.
We change our extra dishes regularly to suit the seasons.

Information and reservations:
reservation is required.
Please contact us to reserve your experience:
• +39 334 7851225 (Carola)